How to Get Quality Sleep After BBL and Breast Augmentation Surgery

Are you considering getting a Brazilian Butt Lift or Breast Augmentation procedure done but concerned about how to sleep afterwards? Or maybe you’ve already had the surgery and are struggling with finding a comfortable sleeping position. Whatever your situation may be, we’ve got some helpful tips to ensure that you get the best rest possible during your recovery period.

Why Sleeping Position Matters

Sleeping position is crucial after a BBL or breast augmentation surgery because it affects how well your body heals. Improper sleeping positions can strain incisions or cause swelling, which can prolong recovery time and even lead to complications.

Sleep on Your Back

One of the best ways to sleep after these procedures is by lying down flat on your back. This allows for even distribution of weight throughout your body and reduces pressure on surgical sites. To make it more comfortable, use pillows under your knees and lower back for added support.

Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach or Side

Sleeping directly on your stomach should be avoided as much as possible because it puts too much pressure on both areas that have been operated upon – especially if you’ve had a BBL done where fat has been transferred into the buttocks area. Similarly, sleeping on either side can place excessive stress post-surgery leading to discomfort.

Additional Tips For Comfortable Sleep After BBL & Breast Augmentation Surgery:

Use Pillows And Cushions For Support

Pillows play an important role in ensuring proper positioning while asleep after these surgeries.Therefore having them handy will assist in making sure there isn’t any tension around the surgical areas since they provide enough cushioning while keeping everything elevated this helps reduce inflammation, pain and an overall sense of comfort .For additional comfort try using U-shaped pillows wrapped underneath each arm for extra support when lying flat .

Avoid Heavy Bedding

When sleeping after breast augmentation or bbl surgery, it is recommended to avoid thick blankets and heavy bedding as they can cause overheating which could lead to irritation. Lighter sheets will keep you comfortable and cooler throughout the night.

Wear Loose Clothing

After these surgeries wearing loose clothing especially at bedtime is highly important because tight clothes may cause discomfort around the surgical sites . It’s advisable that you wear something soft, light ,easy on the skin and won’t rub abrasively against your healing incisions .


Sleeping after a BBL or breast augmentation procedure can be challenging, but with proper positioning techniques – back laying being key- along with support from pillows/cushions should allow for a more comfortable sleep. In addition, focusing on breathable fabrics for clothing like loose tops made of cotton are simple ways that contribute towards keeping your recovery period stress-free making sure you follow all post-surgical instructions given by your surgeon also plays an imperative role in ensuring safe healing process. Ultimately this ensures that there’s minimal chance for complications so everything heals properly allowing you to return back to normalcy as soonest possible without undergoing any additional procedures due to errors caused during recuperation period.