How to Achieve Restful Sleep After Blow Drying Your Hair

Getting a good night’s rest is essential for starting your day in the right mood and attitude. However, blow-drying hair before going to bed can be a tricky situation that may disrupt your sleep pattern. The heat from the dryer can make you feel uncomfortable, causing trouble sleeping at night. But fret not, we have compiled some tips on how to sleep after blow-drying hair.

1. Allow Your Hair To Cool Down Before Sleeping

When you’re done blow drying your hair, allow it to cool down before hitting the pillow. If possible, wait for 15-20 minutes so that your scalp cools off from the hot air coming out of the dryer.

The Science Behind It

Blow dryers emit hot air which raises body temperature when directly blown towards our bodies – including our scalp and neck region. When these parts remain heated up without cooling down properly before bedtime, they might cause discomfort or even excessive sweating leading to poor quality of sleep.

2. Use A Cooling Pillow And Bedding

Investing in bedding items specifically designed to keep you cool during summer nights prove helpful in this case scenario as well! Cooling pillows are becoming increasingly popular since they absorb excess heat and provide better airflow compared with traditional pillows made of cotton or feathers.

Cooling Pillows Versus Traditional Pillows

Cooling pillows are filled with materials such as gel-infused memory foam or buckwheat hulls that retain less heat than other types of fillings. This helps regulate body temperature by dissipating excess warmth away from skin surfaces like our faces and ears where most blood vessels lie closer beneath them than elsewhere on our bodies!

3.Wear Breathable Clothing To Bed

After using a blow dryer on your hair just prior to bedtime – it’s important not only let yourself cool down before sleeping but also make sure you’re wearing breathable clothing to help regulate your body temperature during the night.

Why Choose Breathable Clothing?

Breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen, let air in and out easily; therefore, heat does not accumulate around your skin. These types of fabrics are perfect for people who get hot when they sleep or those with sensitive skin that needs proper ventilation all night long.

4. Sleep With Your Hair Positioned Away From Your Face

Sleeping with hair positioned away from face is a good idea after blow-drying it because it prevents sweatiness which can lead to acne breakouts in sensitive areas like the chin or forehead.

The Importance Of Sleeping Position

When we sleep with our hair down on our faces/foreheads – germs and bacteria from sweat particles tend to stick onto them throughout the night which can cause infections and outbreaks over time if not addressed properly. Proper positioning helps avoid this scenario altogether while maintaining overall comfort levels!


Blow drying hair doesn’t have to hinder quality sleep. By allowing your scalp to cool off first, using cooling pillows and bedding, wearing breathable clothes, and sleeping with your hair positioned away from your face – you can still achieve restful nights even after styling!