How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep After Septoplasty Surgery

If you have recently undergone septoplasty surgery, getting enough restful sleep is crucial to your recovery. However, sleeping after nose surgery can be challenging due to the discomfort and pain that come with it. Therefore, in this blog post, we will provide you with some tips on how to sleep after septoplasty surgery.

Why Is Sleep Important After Septoplasty Surgery?

Sleep is vital for healing and repairing damaged tissues in your body. When you are asleep, your body produces growth hormones that help regenerate tissues and cells. Therefore, getting ample restful sleep is critical for a quick return to normalcy after any surgical procedure.

However, sleeping after septoplasty surgery may be difficult because of the following factors:

– Nasal congestion
– Discomfort or pain around the nasal area
– The need to keep your head elevated

Despite these challenges, there are ways through which you can ensure quality sleep during the healing process.

Tips On How To Sleep After Septoplasty Surgery

Sleep Position

The position you choose while sleeping plays a significant role in ensuring comfort during recovery from septoplasty surgery. It would help if you slept upright in a recliner or propped up against several pillows for at least two weeks post-surgery. Sleeping upright helps reduce swelling by preventing fluids from pooling into the nasal cavity.

Additionally, avoid lying flat on your back as it increases swelling around the nose area.

Use Of Cold Compresses

Cold compresses serve as an excellent remedy for reducing pain and inflammation associated with nose surgeries like septoplasties. Before going to bed each night after undergoing surgical treatment on their noses, patients should place cold compresses over their eyes and across their cheeks’ bridge.

This will not only ease swelled markings but also generate a cooling effect that calms down stressors within the body that interrupt sleep.

Invest In Cozy Pillows

Pillows are vital elements of safe and comfortable sleep after septoplasty surgery. You’ll need to choose pillows that provide ample comfort and support to your head and neck while also keeping them aligned with your spine’s natural curve.

Additionally, consider investing in a wedge pillow designed explicitly for patients following nose surgeries like septoplasties. This type of pillow allows you to keep your upper body at an incline angle, reducing nasal congestion effectively.

Avoid Strenuous Activities Before Bedtime

It would be best if you avoided engaging in activities that require intense physical activity before bedtime. Instead, engage in calming activities such as reading a book or taking a warm bath just before sleeping.

These types of activities help relax both your mind and muscles making it easier for you to drift off into quality slumber without any discomfort.


Sleeping after septoplasty is essential for healing the damaged tissues in the nose area post-surgery fully. While sleeping may seem challenging due to pain or discomfort around this region, there are ways through which you can ensure quality restful sleep during recovery from septoplasty surgery. By following the tips shared above, patients can recover faster by getting adequate sleep that facilitates tissue regeneration within their bodies.