How to Sleep Comfortably with a Broken Pelvis

Suffering from a broken pelvis can be excruciating and night time can become the toughest part of your day. Painkillers, body braces, and even surgery are some of the ways that people deal with painful pelvic fractures. However, one thing many people overlook is how to sleep comfortably with a broken pelvis.

Getting good quality rest is vital for the healing process as it allows your body to repair itself while you’re asleep. But sleeping soundly when you suffer from a painful injury like this is easier said than done. Here are some effective tips on how to sleep well with a broken pelvis:

1.Getting Comfortable in Bed

Obviously getting comfortable in bed seems easier said than done if you have recently suffered from a fracture or hip surgery. The first step towards getting comfortable would be by purchasing supportive pillows such as wedge-shaped ones designed specifically for those who need extra support during their recovery phase.

To go about it, start by lying flat on your back with your legs straight out before placing the wedge pillow under both knees ensuring they bend at an angle close to 30 degrees. This will help reduce pressure on the hip bone making it possible for you to have uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

i) Use Body Pillows

Another way of improving comfortability while sleeping comes down to investing in full-body pillows that offer excellent cushioning around painful areas such as hips, shoulders, or arms giving you relief during nighttime hours.

2.Maintain Proper Sleep Positioning

When dealing with discomfort due to pelvic fractures maintaining proper positioning becomes critical especially when trying different positions before bedtime so that what works best for each individual may vary depending on pain levels experienced during certain movements through rehabilitation phases after discharge home following hospitalization periods associated post-injury care protocols prescribed by therapists consulting physicians surgeons etcetera…

A common way of managing your sleep position when dealing with pelvic fractures would be to avoid lying on the injured side as it may increase pressure on the affected area, causing discomfort or even worsen the fracture.

i) Sleep on Your Back

Sleeping on your back requires a lot of support for your spine and hips, and so you might want to consider a firm mattress that fits well with how you sleep. Use pillows under both knees for additional support.

3.Use Heat Therapy.

Heat therapy can help relieve pain caused by muscle tension or tightness in surrounding areas like quadriceps muscles around pelvis bone joints where they attach hips together at femur bones attachment points commonly referred to as hip flexors.

Application of heat may be achieved through use of hot water bottles wrapped in towels, electric heating pads available in pharmacies and medical equipment stores e.g. compression stockings for lower limb oedema reduction (swelling).

i) Apply Heat Before Bedtime

To improve comfortability while sleeping one could apply heat before bedtime directly onto painful areas using moist heated washcloths wrapped around sore muscles creating comfortable warmth enabling relaxation conducive restful slumber patterns throughout nighttime hours without interruption from discomfort due to persistent aching pain symptoms associated with recovering from broken pelvis injuries.

In conclusion, finding ways to sleep comfortably with a broken pelvis will offer crucial benefits towards your recovery period. The above tips offer an excellent place to start but seek professional advice if necessary. Remember that everyone’s situation is unique and there’s no magic solution but taking steps such as getting supportive cushions/pillows investing in full-body pillows coupled with proper positioning can go a long way towards making bedtime less miserable whilst healing takes place over time till full recovery is achieved.