Tips for Comfortable Sleep with a Broken Wrist

Breaking a wrist is a painful experience that can hinder your everyday activities, including sleeping. Sleeping with a broken wrist can be uncomfortable, and it may take some time to adjust your sleeping habits to accommodate the injury. However, there are various ways you can ensure you sleep comfortably despite having a broken wrist.

Adjust Your Sleeping Position

The position in which you sleep plays an important role in ensuring that you have a good night’s rest with minimal discomfort if you have sustained an injury such as this. If your broken wrist is on the side of your body where you usually lie on while sleeping, switching positions will be necessary.

Elevate Your Wrist While Sleeping

Elevating your injured limb above heart level helps reduce inflammation and swelling by allowing fluid to drain away from the affected area. To elevate your injured arm while sleeping, stack pillows high enough so that your entire forearm rests comfortably on them; furthermore, make sure not to place any pressure on the wrist itself.

Avoid Lying On Your Injured Arm

Lying on or near the injured arm could cause further pain or damage during sleep since it puts pressure directly onto it. Therefore avoid lying down in positions that require arms extended upward for long periods of time like stomach sleeper

Use Pillows for Support

Another way to enhance comfort when trying to sleep with an injured hand includes utilizing additional pillows strategically placed around different areas of your body which provide unique support throughout different stages of rest.

Pillow Between Knees:

Placing one pillow between knees provides extra cushioning for hips and lowers back while helping stabilize leg positioning overnight.

Note: This method also reduces spinal rotation caused by poor alignment.

Pillow under Neck:

A pillow under your neck enhances support to the upper body, especially if you feel tension or discomfort on that region.

Pillow Under Injured Hand:

Placing a pillow underneath your injured arm can help relieve pressure and provide extra cushioning. Arrange the pillows in a manner such that the entire forearm and hand rest comfortably on top of it.

Other Sleeping Tips

There are other tactics you can utilize alongside adjusting sleeping posture to ensure maximum comfort while you wait for your wrist to heal!

Taking Painkillers Before Bedtime:

Taking pain medication prescribed by a doctor before bedtime can help alleviate any pain associated with the injury, which may significantly enhance sleep quality. Furthermore, getting enough sleep is essential since it helps speed up the healing process.

Wearing A Brace Or Splint

Your physician may recommend wearing braces or splints designed specifically for broken wrists; these devices provide support and stability during sleep, giving an added layer of protection from unnecessary movements throughout rest periods.

Note: Never rely solely on any brace or split alone as they merely act as aids.


Sleeping with an injured hand might seem like an impossible task at first glance but utilizing proper techniques will make sure that you receive quality sleep without causing any further damage or exacerbating existing injuries. No matter how long it takes for complete recovery, following these tips will help ease discomfort during this challenging time. If overall stress levels begin affecting one’s mental health through this period, consulting professional advice would be recommended for holistic care approach!