How to Sleep Elevated in Bed for Better Health and Comfort

For some people, sleeping in a flat bed can be uncomfortable and even cause health problems. However, elevating your bed can provide many benefits such as reducing acid reflux, alleviating back pain, improving respiratory issues and enhancing blood flow. In this article, we will go through the different ways of how to sleep elevated in bed.

Investing in an Adjustable Bed Frame

One of the best ways to elevate your bed is by using an adjustable bed frame. These frames allow you to customize the position of your sleeping surface so that it fits your unique needs. They come with motors that enable you to lift or lower certain parts of the mattress based on what feels most comfortable for you.

Benefits of Investing in an Adjustable Bed Frame:

  • Reduces snoring: raising the head part slightly prevents airway obstruction which reduces snoring
  • Eases discomfort during pregnancy: Elevating legs helps pregnant women reduce swelling and improve blood circulation throughout their bodies.
  • Mitigates GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease): If you suffer from GERD symptoms like heartburn at night, elevating upper body can help prevent stomach acid from coming up into esophagus.

Tips for Choosing A Quality Bed Frame:

  • Safety features – Look for one that comes with safety features like emergency lowering button or auto shut-off feature.
  • Noise – Choose a frame with quiet motor operations.
  • Battery Backup – Pick one with battery backup capacity just in case there’s power outage

Using Wedge Pillows To Sleep Elevated In Bed

Another way to sleep elevated is by using wedge pillows . These are specially designed triangular cushions that can be placed underneath your head, legs or back. They are made of foam and come in different sizes to fit a variety of bed types.

Benefits Of Wedge Pillows:

  • Reduce snoring
  • Mitigate acid reflux symptoms like heartburn
  • Alleviate back pains by improving spinal alignment

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedge Pillow:

  • Density – Choose wedge pillows with high-density foam for maximum support.
  • Incline Degree- Look for one with 30-45 degrees incline degree
  • Cover Material – Choose covers made from breathable materials like cotton

Sleeping On Multiple Pillows To Elevate Bed

If you want to sleep elevated without buying any special equipment, you can use multiple pillows instead. This method is an affordable way to elevate your upper body while sleeping.

Tips When Using this Method:

  1. You should stack at least two or three firm pillows under your head
  2. Avoid using soft pillows which tend to flatten out too quickly.
  3. If possible, place extra pillow under knees for added support and comfort.

    Conclusion: Get A Good Night’s Sleep Elevated In Bed

    Elevating the head or foot of your bed has numerous benefits such as reducing snoring and alleviating respiratory problems. Whether you invest in an adjustable bed frame, wedge pillow solution or stack up some regular ones we have given tips on how to get started on each option best suited for individual needs. With these methods in mind, there’s no reason not enjoy good night’s sleep every time!