How to Sleep Comfortably with a Cough: Effective Tips and Tricks

As the winter months approach, cough and cold season is upon us. A persistent cough can be annoying and make it challenging to get a good night’s sleep. The last thing you want is to spend hours tossing and turning in bed while your cough keeps you up all night. Here are some tips on how to sleep if you have a cough.

Elevate Your Head

Sleeping with your head elevated can reduce the severity of your cough symptoms by preventing mucus from settling in the back of your throat. Prop yourself up with extra pillows or invest in an adjustable bed that lets you elevate your upper body.

Use Humidifier

Dry air makes it difficult for our respiratory system to function properly, leading to dryness and irritation of the throat that exacerbates a cough. Using a humidifier adds moisture into the air which helps soothe inflamed tissues, making breathing easier and reducing nighttime coughing spells.

Drink Warm Liquids

Drinking warm liquids such as tea or broth before bedtime can help ease any discomfort caused by persistent coughs, reduce inflammation, thin mucus secretions making them easier to expel out through clearing of throat.

Avoid Alcohol And Caffeine Before Bedtime

While alcohol may seem like it can help put you asleep faster by numbing sensations temporarily or causing relaxation; however it actually interferes with REM sleep cycle which leaves us feeling less rested overall long term effects including increased anxiety levels.
Caffeine also has similar stimulating effects creating restlessness at night so avoiding these drinks would be beneficial for those experiencing chronic bouts since they already tend towards regular interruptions during slumber anyway due their condition!

Keep Your Sleeping Environment Clean

Cleanliness is key when trying not just stay healthy but recover from sickness too! Keeping bedding clean along with washing linens regularly can help reduce allergen build up which can contribute to nagging coughs. If you are experiencing allergies or asthma it is advised that dust mites may be a contributing factor and should take additional precautions like vacuuming carpets and/or washing draperies more frequently.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and tea tree oil have been shown to have beneficial effects on respiratory health reducing inflammation by soothing inflamed tissues along with opening airways making breathing easier for those who suffer from persistent bouts of cough especially during the wintery months!

In conclusion, getting enough sleep is crucial for overall health especially when dealing with a chronic cough. By implementing these tips into your routine before bedtime; elevating head while sleeping or using humidifier could keep airways clear; drinking warm liquids prior bedtime soothes throat irritation , avoiding certain drinks like alcohol/caffeine will aid in better quality restful slumber. Keeping sleeping environment clean free of allergens/dust along with use of essential oils also prove helpful!