Tips for Comfortably Sleeping in Your Car

If you’re someone who loves to explore new places, you might find yourself on a road trip at some point in your life. Whether it’s for leisure or work, spending a night in the car may be inevitable. However, sleeping in a car can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to get restful sleep. Luckily, there are several ways to ensure that you have a good night’s rest while sleeping in your car.

Choose the Right Vehicle

Not all cars are created equal when it comes to sleeping comfortably inside them. If possible, choose an SUV or van with more space and seats that fold down flat. This will give you more room to stretch out and store your things.

Maximize Space

When planning for a comfortable sleep in your car, keep everything organized so that there is plenty of space for you and your belongings. Use storage containers if needed; they’ll help keep things tidy and easily accessible.

Pick the Right Spot

Finding the right spot is crucial when trying to sleep comfortably in your vehicle. Look for well-lit areas like parking lots with security cameras nearby or campgrounds where overnight parking is allowed (but always check local laws). Make sure the spot is level; this will prevent any unnecessary discomfort during sleep.

Pack Comfort Essentials

It’s essential to pack items that promote comfort throughout the night since cars aren’t bed-like by nature! Bring along pillows, blankets (or even better – lightweight camping gear), comfortable clothing like sweatpants or pajamas, earplugs,
and eye masks.

Make Sure You Have Enough Airflow

Cars can become stuffy without proper ventilation – especially when parked overnight- so crack open windows slightly before heading off to dreamland.
Alternatively invest into battery-operated fans often used for camping trips.

Invest in a Quality Mattress Pad

To make sleeping in your car more comfortable, invest in a quality mattress pad. This can help cushion you from the hard surface of the vehicle’s seats or floor, and provide much-needed support for your back.


Sleeping in your car may not be as comfy as sleeping at home. But with some necessary additions like ample ventilation, some pillows, blankets and even a mattress pad – you’ll find yourself being able to get better shut-eye while on the road. So next time you’re hitting up that long drive or impromptu getaway trip – don’t hesitate to sleep comfortably where-ever necessary!