Tips for Comfortably Sleeping on Airport Chairs

Airport layovers can be boring, and finding a comfortable place to sleep on airport chairs is essential to make the most out of your time. However, sleeping in airports can be challenging as the chairs are designed for waiting passengers rather than sleeping ones. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can get quality rest on airport chairs.

Choosing the Right Airport Chair

The first step towards a good night’s sleep at an airport is choosing the right chair. Look for armrests that lift up or fold away, as they provide more space for you to stretch out. Opting for chairs with additional padding may also be useful as it provides extra comfort and support while resting.


When selecting an airport chair, ensure that it has armrests that are either movable or detachable; this will allow you to lie down entirely during your nap. Chairs with immovable armrests can create discomfort in your neck and back by obstructing movement.

Padded Seats

Choose seats with additional padding whenever possible; these offer more comfort while lying down and provide better insulation from cold tiles or surfaces such as metal-framed seats.

Create Your Sleeping Space

Once you have found a suitable seat with adjustable armrests- It’s time to create your Sleeping space.

Use Available Amenities

Many airports now have designated areas where travelers can catch some rest such as lounges equipped with beds; however not everyone has access due to limited hours or membership requirements.
If there isn’t any designated area available try checking if other amenities could help such resting mats,sleep masks,pillow etc.

Sleep Masks

They’re perfect when trying To block light from overhead lights coming through windows keeping Them off eyes and head; they help create a dark environment so that you can fall asleep effortlessly.


Pillows are always handy on airport chairs as they provide neck support while sleeping. If you didn’t pack one, try using your jacket or sweater, fold it to give extra padding the back of your chair.

Keeping Luggage Safe

Leaving luggage unattended when traveling creates an opportunity for theft. It’s essential to keep your belongings safe even during a nap.

Lock Your Bags

Before taking a nap, make sure all bags have locks preventing unauthorized access. Buy TSA-approved locks that allow security officials at airports easy access without damaging the lock.

Sleeping Near Security

Try Sleeping near security checkpoints where there’s 24-hour surveillance or close To Duty-Free shops with round-the-clock staff around keeping an eye on luggage.

Cleanliness is Vital

Hygiene should be considered just as much as comfort when deciding which seat will work best For sleeping in airports..

< H3>Avoid Sleeping On The Floor

If possible Avoid sleeping on floors; besides being uncomfortable and cold—the floor contains germs, bacteria due from passengers walking through with shoes.

Use Sanitizing wipes:

Carry sanitizing wipes to clean surfaces such armrests and tray tables before use.

Airports are filled with lots of people carrying germs,bacteria consider wearing comfortable layers covering exposed skin like jackets,long sleeved shirts,pants avoid getting sick


Sleeping in airports might not be ideal but choosing the right chair, creating your sleep space,taking care of personal hygiene by cleaning surfaces,and keeping luggage safe can go a long way in ensuring you have the most comfortable layover. Hopefully, these tips will help make your next airport nap more restful and enjoyable.