How to Achieve Comfortable Sleep with U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Sleep is an essential part of pregnancy, as it helps the mother and baby stay healthy. However, sleeping during this period can be uncomfortable because of the growing belly size and other physical changes that come with pregnancy. This is where a u-shaped pregnancy pillow comes in handy to provide extra support and comfort. In this post, we will look at how to sleep on a u-shaped pregnancy pillow for optimal comfort.

Choose the Right Pillow

The first step to enjoying your u-shaped pregnancy pillow is choosing the right one for you. There are different types of maternity pillows available in the market — C-shape, U-shape, J-shape — but for this post’s purposes, we’ll focus solely on U-Shape pillows.

When buying one make sure it supports your head neck back hips legs and tummy comfortably all at once when sleeping or resting on them.

The Best Material

Consider getting a U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow made from high-quality materials which are hypoallergenic so they won’t affect your allergies if you have any.

Size Matters

Ensure that you get one that fits perfectly between your legs so it doesn’t slip off easily while asleep.

How to Sleep With A U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Once you’ve got yourself a suitable pillow follow these steps:

1) Lie down on either side
– Start by lying down gently onto either side using the larger curve of the ‘U’ shape placed away from your body.

– Ensure that both arms comfortably rest around its curves

2) Slide The Pillow In Between Your Legs

– Get the other smaller curve to slide in between your legs so that it properly aligns and supports your hips. The pillow should be kept parallel to the waist.

3) Rest Your Head On The Curve Of The ‘U’

– This provides perfect support for your neck and shoulders.

Additional Tips

It may take a few nights to get used to sleeping on a U-shaped pregnancy pillow, but these additional tips could make it more comfortable:

1) Keep The Pillow Clean

Cleanliness is essential, especially during pregnancy. Ensure you clean your pillow regularly as dirt or dust could cause allergies.

2) Adjust It As Needed

Positioning the pillow differently can offer relief from discomfort; therefore, adjust it until you attain maximum comfort.

3) Use Pillows Underneath Arm Or Knees

Sometimes pillows underneath arms or knees can provide additional support.


In conclusion, sleeping with a U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow can help you stay comfortable throughout the night by providing an extra level of support for various parts of your body. Choose one made from high-quality materials and ensure that it fits perfectly between your legs while aligning properly with other body parts such as back and tummy. After purchasing follow our easy steps above about how best way might work out better during this time!