Mastering Comfortable Side Sleeping with Earrings: Tips and Tricks to Try

As a side sleeper, trying to get some good shut-eye with earrings can feel like an impossible task. Not to worry though – here are some helpful tips and tricks for how to sleep on your side with earrings.

Choose Comfortable Earrings

If you’re planning on sleeping with your earrings in, it’s important to make sure they are comfortable enough for you to wear all night long. Heavy or bulky earrings may cause discomfort while you sleep, so opt for lightweight studs or small hoops instead.

Avoid Dangling Earrings

Dangling earrings may look beautiful when worn during the day but trying to sleep with them can be uncomfortable and even painful. The movement of dangling earrings at night could result in irritation of the earlobes or even damage them if they become tangled in bedding.

Secure Your Earrings

It’s important that your earrings stay securely in place throughout the night, especially if you toss and turn while sleeping. Use earring backs that fit snugly onto the post of each earring or choose screw-backs which lock into place.

Avoid Sleeping on Your Earlobe

Sleeping directly on your earlobe could lead to inflammation, soreness and infection around your piercing area. If possible try not sleeping directly on your ears; this will also prevent any pressure from being applied onto the backing of stud-type jewelry causing discomfort

Cleanse Your Ears Before Bedtime

During our everyday activities we see surfaces like doorknobs where germs live and thrive plus sweat build-up makes wearing jewelry less hygienic over time – much more when going straight from working out into bed without cleansing first! To avoid bacterial infections it is best practice always clean both sides thoroughly before bedtime;

Remove Irritating Jewelry Materials

Some materials such as nickel can cause skin irritation or trigger allergies, which could lead to redness and itching around your piercing. If you notice any signs of sensitivity or discomfort when wearing earrings made from certain materials, it’s best to remove them before sleeping.

In conclusion, with these tips on how to sleep on your side with earrings comfortably and safely plus making sure they are clean and secure in place – you’ll be able to get a great night’s rest without having to worry about damaging your jewelry or earlobes.