How to Sleep Through Wind: Tips for a Restful Night

As pleasant as the sound of rain can be, wind storms can often spoil a good night’s sleep. The howling sounds and rattling windows can make it difficult to get some shut-eye. However, it is not entirely impossible to have a peaceful slumber during windy nights. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and tricks on how to sleep through wind storms.


Secure your surroundings

The first step towards ensuring you have a comfortable sleep during windy nights is by securing your surroundings. This involves checking that all doors and windows are locked correctly, any outdoor furniture is tied down or stored away safely, and removing any overhanging branches near your house that could cause damage in case of extreme winds.

Create white noise

White noise refers to constant background sounds which help mask other noises that would otherwise disturb one’s concentration or peace of mind while sleeping. You can create white noise by using a fan, air purifier or even playing calming music at low volume throughout the night.

Mental Preparation Before Sleep

Avoid watching scary movies before bed

This may seem obvious but watching horror films before bed might increase anxiety levels leading up to bedtime – especially if there happens to be an unexpected storm brewing outside; therefore avoid watching anything too intense before attempting to go off into dreamland.

Meditate or practice deep breathing exercises

Meditation helps calm both the mind and body preparing you for quality rest free from distractions caused by external factors such as windstorms; likewise practicing deep breathing exercises has been proven effective at reducing stress levels thus allowing you greater control over moments when panic sets in due winds picking up outside.

During Sleep Hours:

Invest in quality earplugs

Earplugs are an affordable and effective method of reducing external noise, they come in different shapes and sizes meaning there is something for everyone. It is advisable to buy a pair that suits your specific needs ensuring you get maximum comfort while sleeping.

Avoid caffeine before bedtime

Caffeine is known to keep you alert and wired which can make it challenging to relax enough at night; thus, avoiding coffee or any other caffeinated drinks along with sweet treats will help you fall asleep much faster than usual.


In conclusion, the above tips should help ensure a peaceful slumber through wind storms. However, if all fails, it’s essential to remember not to panic but instead remain calm when faced with unexpected situations caused by external factors such as extreme winds. Lastly investing in sleep masks or blackout curtains may be worth considering as these components have been proven effective at blocking out light and outside noises leading up to better rest overall!