Tips for Sleeping Comfortably When Your AC Is Broken

Summer is here, and the heat can be intense. For many people, air conditioning (AC) is a must-have during hot weather. However, not everyone has access to AC or their AC might break down unexpectedly. If you find yourself in this situation, it can be challenging to get a good night’s sleep when you’re sweating and uncomfortable.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some tips on how to sleep comfortably when your AC is broken. These tips are simple yet effective ways to help you stay cool at night and catch some much-needed rest.

1. Keep Your Windows Open

One of the easiest things you can do when your AC breaks down is simply open up all your windows. This allows fresh air from outside to flow through your room and circulate the hot air out. Make sure that the windows are safely locked so that no unwanted visitors can enter.

If there isn’t much breeze going on outside, try using a fan near an open window instead of blowing it directly onto you as it may make you feel cold later in the night or early morning.

Avoid Opening Windows During Midday Hot Hours

It’s important not to leave your windows open during midday hours since this will only bring more hot air into your home than refreshing breeze from nature.

2. Take A Cool Shower Before Bedtime

Taking a shower before bed cools down our body temperature by bringing blood circulation towards our skin surface making us feel comfortable sleeping after without any discomforts due to high temperatures around us.

Make sure though that after taking a shower finishes drying off completely before heading off for bed because wet clothes could induce feelings of extreme coldness once they start cooling too rapidly against still-hot surroundings

Use Lukewarm Water Instead Of Cold Water

Avoid using very cold water as it can cause our pores to shrink drastically and trap heat inside our bodies, making us feel hotter than we were before.

3. Wear Light Clothing To Bed

When the temperature is high, wearing loose-fitting clothes made of breathable fabric will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Cotton or linen are good options for summer sleepwear since they absorb moisture and evaporate sweat faster keeping you dry until morning.

Avoid synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester which do not absorb moisture quickly, making them less breathable resulting in sweaty nights.

Avoid Sleeping Naked

It may be tempting to just strip down but sleeping naked isn’t always a good idea because sweating over your skin would make it stickier with nothing to soak up any excess perspiration leading to feeling uncomfortable

4. Use A Cooling Pad Or Pillow

There are special pillows filled with cooling gel that help reduce body temperature so check if such an option available at nearby stores.

Alternatively putting bed sheets into fridge or freezer also works as makeshift way of using cooling pads.

Do Not Apply Directly Onto The Skin

While these products are designed explicitly for use on skin areas like necks or forehead avoiding direct contact against skin surfaces is recommended due to possible frostbite effects from prolonged exposure .

5. Create A DIY Air Conditioner

If none of these tips work out well enough another method could be creating a simple homemade air conditioner by placing some ice cubes in a bowl beneath rotating fan blades which results in colder air blowing around room followed by relief from scorching temperatures

In conclusion, when your AC breaks down, there’s no need to panic about how you’ll sleep comfortably during hot weather because several easy-to-follow tips exist—such as opening windows during nighttime hours or taking lukewarm showers before bedtime—that provide relief from high temperatures and a good night’s sleep. The most important thing is to be patient and experiment with different methods until you find the one that works best for you!