Effective Ways to Sleep Better When Congested and Coughing

Being congested and coughing throughout the night can be a real struggle when trying to get some rest. Not only does it disturb your sleep, but it also makes you feel even worse in the morning. Fortunately, there are several remedies that you can try to help alleviate symptoms so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

Elevate Your Head and Upper Body

When experiencing congestion and coughing at night, elevating your head and upper body is an excellent way of relieving nasal congestion. This position helps promote proper drainage by allowing mucus to flow out of your nose more easily.

You may achieve this position by using additional pillows under your head or investing in a wedge-shaped pillow designed for this specific purpose. However, make sure not to elevate yourself too much as it may cause neck pain or discomfort.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils such as eucalyptus oil have been proven effective in clearing up sinus congestion by reducing inflammation within the nasal passage area. To use essential oils, add three drops of eucalyptus oil into boiling water then inhale the steam with a towel draped over your head for 10-15 minutes before bed.

Another option is applying peppermint oil directly on the chest area – mixed with carrier oil like coconut – which produces similar effects through its menthol component.

Avoid Eating Heavy Meals Before Bedtime

Eating heavy meals late at night leads to indigestion issues that could worsen respiratory symptoms such as coughs which could lead to difficulty sleeping later on during bedtime hours because of backflow from stomach acid causing uncomfortable heartburn/acid reflux sensations.

To prevent these problems from happening altogether try avoiding rich foods late evening time frames since they’re not easily digested fully right away after consumption meaning they’ll stay longer sitting inside the stomach, which increases the risk of acid reflux.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Staying hydrated is essential for your overall health, especially when experiencing congestion and coughing. Drinking plenty of fluids such as water or hot tea with honey can help soothe an irritated throat and reduce nasal congestion throughout the night time hours. It’s best to avoid caffeinated beverages since they could worsen dehydration by making you urinate more frequently than usual.

Keep Your Bedroom Humidity Levels Balanced

Dry air in your bedroom may irritate respiratory passageways further worsening coughs and sinus blockages so it’s important to keep humidity levels balanced around 50% to prevent this from happening.

Using a humidifier during bedtime hours will help maintain optimal moisture levels inside bedrooms while also providing additional benefits like reducing skin dryness & itchiness, promoting better sleep quality by creating calmer atmospheres that are conducive towards relaxation before falling asleep.


Overall, getting enough restful sleep can be difficult when suffering from coughing and congestion issues. Keeping yourself hydrated while inhaling steam using eucalyptus oil helps alleviate symptoms, drinking soothing teas with honey aids throat irritation plus elevated head sleeping positions make it easier for mucus drainage thereby relieving clogged sinuses. Try practicing these tips mentioned above if you’re finding it hard getting some much-needed shuteye due to these problems – we hope they work wonders!