How to Sleep with Bleached Hair: Expert Tips for Protecting and Maintaining Your Color

If you’ve recently bleached your hair, you may be wondering how to avoid ruining your newly dyed locks while getting a good night’s sleep. Bleaching can make your hair more fragile and prone to breakage, so it’s important to take proper care of it. Here are some tips on how to sleep with bleached hair.

Use Silk or Satin Pillowcases

When it comes to sleeping with bleached hair, the material of your pillowcase matters a lot. Cotton pillowcases can create friction between the fabric and your strands while sleeping which could lead to breakage and tangles. Instead, use silk or satin pillowcases as they won’t pull on or damage your delicate bleach treated hair.

Benefits of Using Silk/Satin Pillowcases for Hair

Not only do silk/satin pillows prevent tangling but they also help retain moisture in both natural and chemically treated hair types by not stripping natural oils from the scalp area unlike cotton counterparts that absorb moisture quickly leading to dryness especially for people with naturally curly or kinky textured hairs.

Tie Your Hair Up Before Bed

Tying up your bleached hair will help minimize breakage due to friction against bedsheets or tossing/turning during the night; this is an excellent way if one wants their mane out of their way when trying different positions while sleeping because having loose strands can cause knots which make combing difficult later on. You could opt for looser hairstyles like a low ponytail/bun instead of tight braids/weaves that could eventually cause tension headaches especially if left overnight.

Avoid Elastics

While tying up in bed is essential, elastic banded accessories should always be avoided when dealing with freshly dyed blonde tresses as these can snag at individual strands making them susceptible towards splitting over time. Try using scrunchies or even hairbands made of soft materials like velvet that would not only hold the hair securely but also prevent breakage. With these accessories, it is much easier to avoid knots and tangles.

Apply Leave-In Conditioner

Applying a leave-in conditioner before bed can go a long way in protecting your bleached hair while you sleep. It will help keep your locks moisturized and nourished, preventing them from becoming dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

Benefits of Leave-In Conditioners

Leave-In conditioners are generally formulated with hydrating ingredients such as Shea butter or coconut oil which penetrate deeply into the hair shaft to lock in moisture for more extended periods; they also protect against environmental stressors such as heat styling tools by creating a barrier around individual strands preventing damage towards cuticles.

In conclusion, sleeping with bleached hair may seem daunting at first because of how delicate dyed blonde tresses could be but it’s crucial to take care when going about this process so that one can wake up feeling refreshed without worrying about any damage done overnight. By following these tips; using silk/satin pillowcases, tying up loosely with scrunchies/hairbands instead of elastics which would lead towards snagging strands during rest time while applying leave-in conditioner regularly- you’ll keep your newly bleached mane looking healthy, glossy & stunning!