How to Sleep Comfortably With Your Boyfriend: Tips and Tricks

Sleeping with your boyfriend is a big step in any romantic relationship. Whether you’re considering spending the night at his place for the first time, or you’ve been cohabitating for years, there are some things that can make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Set Expectations

Before sleeping together, it’s important to have an honest conversation about what each of you expects from the experience. Do you want to cuddle all night or would you prefer to sleep apart? Will one of you be taking up most of the bed space? These are all questions that should be addressed beforehand so both parties feel comfortable and respected.

Get on The Same Page About Physical Contact

While sex is often implied when someone says they’re sleeping with their boyfriend, it doesn’t have to be assumed. Some couples may just want to spend time together without being sexually active. If this describes your situation, set boundaries before getting into bed so no one feels pressured or uncomfortable.

Talk About Bedtime Routines

Everyone has their own bedtime rituals – brushing teeth, reading a book etc., Discussing these routines ahead of time will help avoid awkward misunderstandings later on in the evening.

Pack Appropriately

Unless your partner is willing to share everything (including pillows), it’s essential that both individuals pack enough items so they’ll stay warm and cozy throughout the night. Bring pajamas or comfy clothes specifically designed for snuggling up beside another person – like matching onesies!

For Women: Be Prepared for Your Periods

If there’s even a chance that your period might start while spending the night with your boyfriend it’s important  to bring extra pads/tampons as well as painkillers if needed.

Create A Comfortable Sleep Environment

A comfortable sleep environment is essential to getting a good night’s rest. When sleeping over at your boyfriend’s house, make sure to bring along any items that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Bring Your Own Pillow

Sleeping on someone else’s pillow can be uncomfortable or even unsanitary – particularly if they haven’t washed it in a while. Bringing your own pillow from home will ensure that you are not only more relaxed but also hygienic throughout the night.

Pack Earplugs Or Eye Masks

If your partner snores loudly or leaves his bedroom window open during the winter months, earplugs might come in handy. An eye mask can also help block out streetlights and early morning sunlight for those who need complete darkness to get some shut-eye.


Overall, there are several things couples should keep in mind when sleeping with their significant other for the first time (or hundredth!). Every couple is different so it’s important to communicate effectively about each person’s needs, pack appropriately and create a comfortable sleep environment suitable for both parties. Happy Sleeping!