How to Sleep Comfortably with Broken Ribs in Your Back

Suffering from broken ribs is a painful experience that can drastically impact your daily routine, especially when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. The inability to find a comfortable position and the fear of exacerbating your injury can make it almost impossible to get some much-needed rest. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can sleep with broken ribs in the back.

1. Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Before attempting anything, it is essential to follow your doctor’s orders during recovery from broken ribs in the back. It might be tempting to try different sleeping positions or use painkillers frequently, but these actions can cause more damage than good if not advised by medical professionals.

1.1 Take Medication as Prescribed

Your doctor may prescribe medication to manage pain and facilitate better sleep during recovery from broken ribs. Make sure you take these medications as prescribed and avoid self-medication at all costs.

1.2 Rest as Much as Possible

Resting is crucial for quick healing of fractured bones, so ensure that you’re resting adequately throughout the day before heading off for bed at night.

2.Use Pillows To Support Your Back

One effective way of reducing discomfort while sleeping with broken ribs is by using pillows strategically placed under specific body parts such as your back or chest area.

2..1 Place Pillows Under Your Back

Placing a pillow under your upper back will elevate that area slightly which helps keep pressure off injured areas while allowing other areas around them greater support overall – making things more bearable when trying not just lie still all night!

2..21 Place Pillow Between Knees And Hug A Pillow

To reduce tension on injured muscles near spinal column place another smaller pillow between your knees and hug one more to chest area.

3. Use Heat Therapy

Heat therapy can help reduce discomfort and provide soothing relief for broken ribs in the back. One way to achieve this is with a heating pad or hot water bottle that you can place on your back before going to bed.

3..1 Apply Warm Compresses

Before sleeping, use a warm compress (towel dipped in hot water) on the affected areas of your back. This should reduce muscle tension around those areas and relieve some pain during bedtime.

4. Try Sleeping In A Recliner

If all other methods are failing at providing comfort while sleeping with broken ribs, then sleeping in a recliner may be an option worth trying out!


Sleeping with broken ribs is no easy feat; however, by following these tips mentioned above, you will be able to find ways of getting restful sleep during recovery from rib injuries without causing additional harm along the way. As always consult with medical professionals if needed before trying anything new for healing purposes such as natural remedies,pain medication or exercise routines meant specifically targeting areas near injured bones – never try something which could make things worse overall!