How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Coils: Tips and Tricks

Coil mattresses have been popular for decades, known for their supportive and durable construction. However, many people find it difficult to sleep on a coil mattress due to the springs poking into them or feeling uncomfortable pressure points. Fortunately, there are ways to get a good night’s sleep on a coil mattress without compromising your comfort. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to sleep with coils.

Choose the Right Coil Mattress

When shopping for a new mattress, it’s essential to choose one that fits your body type and sleeping position. There are several types of coil mattresses available in the market today – Bonnell coils, offset coils, continuous wire coils & pocketed coils. The most comfortable and popular option is pocketed coil mattresses since they contour well with your body shape.

Bonnell Coils

Bonnell Coils were introduced back in 1857; these springs are hourglass-shaped which means that they’re wider at both ends than they are in the middle that gives them more flexibility compared other spring systems. These typically can be found in cheap and budget-friendly beds.

Offset Coils

Offset coiled mattresses offer better support by having flat sides instead of round ones like bonnell springs so users will feel less motion transfer but still get support where needed overtime

Continuous Wire Coils

Continuous Wire Coil beds (also called Mira-coil) use long pieces of thin steel wire which then is twisted into numerous S-Shaped rings or figure-eight shapes interlinked from top-to-bottom giving proper spinal alignment while you rest

Pocketed Coil Mattresses

Pocketed-coiled beds have individual pockets wrapped around each spring isolating them so as not disturb others throughout movement during rest

No matter what type you decide suits you best, make sure the mattress provides enough support for your spine and offers pressure relief at critical points.

Add a Mattress Topper

If your coil mattress is too firm or uncomfortable, adding a mattress topper can significantly enhance your sleeping experience. Toppers come in various materials such as memory foam, latex, or down feathers. A memory foam topper can help distribute weight evenly across the surface of the bed and relieve pressure points.


Latex Mattress Toppers offer an organic feel that gives added breathability keeping you cool while sleep during summer months


Memory Foam Mattress Toppers are great for users who have chronic pain since it contours with body type providing plenty of support all around

Incorporate Pillows

Using pillows correctly can also help improve your comfort on a coil mattress. Placing one pillow under your neck and another between your legs when sleeping on your side helps align the spine properly. Back sleepers should use a thin pillow to maintain their head’s natural curvature while avoiding pushing it too far forward.


Neck Pillows offer better spinal alignment by supporting proper head movement with its natural curve


Sleeping on a coil mattress doesn’t have to be uncomfortable anymore! By choosing the right type of coils & incorporating supportive accessories such as mattresses pads/toppers & pillows, you’ll enjoy restful nights without waking up feeling achy or sore from pressure points throughout night time hours. With this guide in hand – go ahead try out these tips today improving both quality + quantity of sleep – happy resting!