How to Sleep Comfortably with a Collarbone Fracture

If you’ve recently suffered a collarbone fracture, getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging. The pain and discomfort can make it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, leaving you feeling exhausted and irritable the next day. However, by following these tips on how to sleep with collarbone fracture, you can minimize discomfort and maximize your chances of getting restful sleep.

Adjust Your Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position has a significant impact on your comfort level when dealing with a collarbone fracture. For most people, sleeping on their back is the best option since it allows them to keep their injured arm close to their body without putting pressure on the shoulder joint.

You may also want to consider using extra pillows for added support and cushioning. A pillow under your head will elevate your torso slightly, making it easier to breathe while reducing swelling in the area around your injury. Another pillow placed beneath the affected arm or between both arms can help relieve pressure from supporting muscles.

Tips for Sleeping On Your Back

– Place a small pillow or rolled-up towel under each armpit to support your arms
– Use two or three pillows stacked vertically behind you
– Make sure that any pillows used do not put too much pressure on your neck

Use Pain Relief Medication

Pain relief medication such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) can help reduce inflammation and alleviate pain during nighttime hours when trying to sleep with a collarbone fracture. Consult with your physician before taking any over-the-counter medications though if they are safe for you.

Tips for Using Pain Relief Medication Safely

– Always read labels carefully before taking any medication.
– Do not exceed recommended dosage.
– Avoid alcohol while taking pain medication as this could increase possible side effects.

Wear a Sling or Brace

One of the best ways to sleep with collarbone fracture is by wearing a sling or brace. This will provide support and keep your arm in place during sleep, reducing the risk of further injury while promoting healing.

Tips for Wearing a Sling or Brace

– Make sure that your sling or brace fits correctly and is not too tight
– Adjust straps as needed to maintain proper positioning throughout the night.
– Remember that these devices are designed to be worn only for short periods of time, so do not wear them longer than recommended by your physician.

Stay Hydrated

Dealing with pain can make you forget about staying hydrated but keeping yourself properly hydrated can help reduce inflammation and ease joint pain associated with collarbone fractures. Drinking enough water before bedtime also helps regulate body temperature which contributes towards better sleep quality.

Tips for Staying Hydrated

– Drink plenty of water throughout the day
– Avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugary drinks, and salty foods that could dehydrate you more

In conclusion, sleeping with a collarbone fracture can be challenging but following these tips on how to sleep with collarbone fracture will enable you to get restful sleep even when dealing with discomfort. Always remember though it’s important to consult your physician before trying any new methods if they are suitable for you based on their advice.