Mastering Restful Nights: Tips for Sleeping with Curly Braids

Sleeping with curly braids can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the game. It’s important to know how to properly care for and maintain your curly braids while sleeping so that they stay looking fresh and beautiful. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks on how to sleep with curly braids without damaging or ruining them.


Before heading off to bed, there are a few things you should do in preparation for sleeping with your curly braids.

Brush Your Hair

It’s essential that you brush your hair before going to bed, particularly if it is prone to tangling easily. Be gentle when brushing your hair as rough handling could cause damage or make the curls frizzy.

Tie a Satin Bonnet/Hair Scarf

Using either of these options will help keep the hair moisturized by retaining natural oils and prevent breakage caused by friction between your head/hair against cotton pillowcases.

Cover Pillowcases With Silk/Satin Material

If using a satin bonnet/hair scarf is not an option for preference reasons, consider covering your pillowcase using silk/satin material instead of regular cotton fabric; which tends to absorb moisture from both skin and hair leaving it dry causing split ends & breakage

Sleeping Positions To Adopt

When it comes down actually sleeping with those gorgeous curls on:

Sleep On Your Back:

Try as much as possible not sleep on either side of the head; doing so can flatten out one side of the braid creating unevenness in curl definition.

Pineapple Method:

This method involves gathering all curls at top back of the head and gently tie with a scrunchie or silk hair-tie; this prevents curls from being flattened under your head while sleeping.

Loose Braid:

This method involves creating one loose braid in the back so that you can lay on either side without causing any discomfort to your scalp.


After waking up, there are some maintenance tips that you should follow to keep your curly braids looking their best.

Spritz Hair Using A Moisturizing Spray

Gently spritzing hair using moisturising spray helps hydrate the hair before styling it again, making sure those curls stay defined and tangle-free. You could also add leave- in conditioner for extra moisture retention.

Fluff Your Curls Out

Gently separating each curl strand will create definition and volume in styled braids try not use hard brushes or combs as they may cause breakage.


Sleeping with curly braids doesn’t have to be a nightmare when done right! Proper prep before bed, sleeping positions & maintenance after waking up is essential for maintaining healthy-looking curls. By practicing these steps regularly, you’ll have beautiful bouncy curls every day.