How to Achieve a Good Night’s Sleep with Curtain Bangs

The Trendy Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have become a popular trend lately. They’re the perfect way to switch up your look without going too drastic. With the face-framing layers, curtain bangs can easily enhance your natural features.

However, one of the major concerns is sleeping with curtain bangs- how exactly do you prevent them from getting messed up overnight? In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to sleep with curtain bangs and wake up with a fresh and pristine look.

Tip #1: Use A Soft Headband

Using a soft headband can be very helpful in keeping your hair away from your face while you sleep. You can use any type of headband that feels comfortable for you – it could be made from silk or satin material which will not cause frizzing or breakage compared to cotton ones.

To begin, pull back your hair into a loose ponytail using an elastic band at the crown of your head and then secure it in place by wrapping a soft headband around it twice. This method can help keep those pesky fringe pieces out of your eyes while also preserving their shape overnight.

Pro Tip:

Make sure that the elastic band isn’t too tight as that may cause tension headaches throughout the night which might affect both quality and duration of sleep.

Tip #2: Braid Your Hair

Another great option for sleeping with curtain bangs is braiding them before bedtime. Braids are perfect for preventing morning tangles and knots in general but when combined with curtain fringes they offer unbeatable results!

To braid:

Start by brushing out all tangles

Take about 5 cm wide section starting from mid-section (or where ever desired) run fingers through till ends ;

Create two sections;

Cross left over right section and then the right over left;

Repeat until desired length of braid is achieved.

Secure with a silk scrunchie, as tight hair ties can cause breakage.

Pro Tip:

If you have super long curtain bangs, it’s best to divide them into smaller sections for easier braiding. Also ensure that your braids are not too tightly secured as this could result in headaches or even worse – migraines!

Tip #3: Use Silk Pillowcases

Using silk pillowcases has many benefits such as reducing wrinkles and preventing hair breakage. However, they’re also great when it comes to sleeping with curtain bangs! Silk fabric is gentle on your skin and hair which will leave you looking refreshed in the morning without any damages caused by other fabrics like cotton or flannel.

Silk pillowcases allow for a smooth surface that won’t cause friction while sleeping- lessening chances of tangling, frizzing or flattening of bangs. They also help regulate temperature throughout the night by being breathable which allows for better sleep quality overall!

Pro Tip:

Investing in silk pillow cases might seem expensive at first but it’s worth every penny since they last longer than most materials especially if properly taken care of (hand wash/dry clean only).


In summary, there are various ways one can sleep with curtain bangs without having to worry about waking up with an unmanageable mess! Combining these tips listed above will surely give you results and make sure your hairstyle stays primed all night long so go ahead; try out what works best for you amongst our recommended methods!