Tips for Comfortable and Safe Sleeping with Earrings On

Have you ever found yourself too tired to take off your earrings before going to bed? Or maybe you forgot and woke up with a sore earlobe? Fear not, for there are ways to sleep comfortably with earrings on.

Choosing the Right Earrings

Not all earrings are created equal when it comes to sleeping in them. It’s important to choose earrings that won’t poke or irritate your skin while you’re laying down. Avoid wearing large hoops or dangly earrings as they can get tangled in your hair or cause discomfort during the night.

Suggested Earring Types:

  • Studs: Small and comfortable, studs won’t poke your neck or earlobe during the night.
  • Huggies: These smaller hoops fit snugly around the earlobe and won’t move around as much as larger hoops.
  • Sleepers: These are specifically designed for sleeping in and have a flat back so they don’t press into your head while lying down.

Cleaning Your Earrings Before Bedtime

It’s important to clean your ears and any jewelry before bedtime. This prevents bacteria buildup, which can lead to infections. Use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on a cotton swab to clean both sides of the earring post or hook.

Steps For Cleaning:

  1. Dip cotton swab in either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Gently swipe over each side of earring post/hook until visibly clean.
  3. Lay out on tissue/napkin until dry (should only take seconds).

Tips for Sleeping Comfortably With Earrings On

Now that you’ve chosen comfortable earrings and cleaned them properly, here are some tips for sleeping soundly with them on.

Ear Positioning:

It’s important to position your ears in a way that won’t put pressure on the earrings. Try laying on your back or side opposite of the earring. If you’re a restless sleeper, try using a soft pillow as a barrier between your ear and the pillowcase.

Hair Ties:

For those who have long hair, tying it back in a loose ponytail can help prevent tangled earrings during the night.


In conclusion, wearing earrings to bed isn’t always ideal but is entirely doable if done right! Be sure to choose comfortable jewelry, clean them properly before bedtime and follow these helpful tips when settling down for the night. Sweet dreams!