Tips for Sleeping Comfortably with Newly Pierced Ears

Getting your ears pierced is an exciting experience, but it comes with a lot of responsibility as well. One thing that some people struggle with after getting their ears pierced is finding a comfortable sleeping position. In this blog post, we will be discussing how to sleep with earrings and what precautions you should take to avoid any discomfort.

Understanding the Healing Process

Before we dive into the tips on how to sleep comfortably with earrings on, it’s crucial that you first understand the healing process involved in ear piercing. After getting your ears pierced, your body takes time to form a protective layer around the piercing site – this healing period typically lasts for 6-8 weeks. During this time, keeping your piercings clean and avoiding unnecessary contact is vital.

Choose Comfortable Earrings for Sleeping

One of the most important things when it comes to sleeping with earrings on is choosing comfortable ones for bedtime wear. You want to choose lightweight and hypoallergenic earrings that won’t cause any irritation or discomfort during sleep.

Avoid wearing large hoops or heavy dangly earrings as they can get caught in bedding or pillows while you’re asleep, causing damage and pain. Instead opt for studs made out of materials such as gold or titanium which are less likely to irritate sensitive skin.

Clean Your Piercing Before Bedtime

Another essential step before going to bed is cleaning your piercing thoroughly using sterile saline solution along with cotton swabs or pads gently wiping away any debris from around the earring backs – ensuring there’s no infection at bay!

It’s also advisable not only cleansing but drying those areas by patting them dry carefully before heading off into dreamland; this will prevent bacteria growth caused due moisture accumulation overnight leading towards possible infections later down line once crust buildup occurs between lobes!

Sleeping Positions Matter!

Your sleeping position also plays a crucial role in ensuring that your earrings don’t become uncomfortable while you’re asleep. Sleeping on your side may cause unnecessary pressure on the piercing, increasing discomfort and slowing down the healing process.

To avoid this discomfort, try sleeping on your back or propping a pillow behind your head – this will help to minimize any pressure applied to the earlobes during sleep. If you prefer sleeping on one side, then make sure to alternate sides regularly throughout the night for evenly distributed pressure.

Use Earplugs

If you still find it difficult to get comfortable with earrings, try using earplugs during bedtime. This can reduce noise distractions plus provide an additional layer of protection and cushioning of sorts between piercings & bedding.

Earplugs come in various shapes and sizes; opt for ones made out of soft materials such as silicone or foam – they are less likely to irritate sensitive ears.


In conclusion, getting your ears pierced is an exciting experience but comes with great responsibility during its healing phase! When it comes time for bed after piercing day has passed by safely without incident- continue taking care like always: choose lightweight hypoallergenic earrings before bedtime wear comfortably all night long!

Cleanse thoroughly beforehand wiping away any debris around earring backs so there’s no infection risk present whatsoever (patting those areas dry carefully). Try switching up positions if needed avoiding unnecessary pressures leading towards potential pain later down line once crust buildup occurs between lobes! And finally, invest in some good quality earplugs if need be desired further comfort levels achieved beyond just regular piercings daytime hours!