The Ultimate Guide on How to Sleep Comfortably with Fake Tan On

The Struggle of Sleeping with a Fake Tan

If you love self-tanning, then you know the struggle of sleeping with fake tan on. It’s not easy to maintain that perfect glow while trying to get some rest at night. However, there are tips and tricks for sleeping comfortably post-fake tan application.

Prep Your Skin Before Tanning

Before applying any fake tanner, it’s essential to prep your skin properly. Showering or bathing before application is an excellent way to clean and exfoliate your skin. This will help remove any dead skin cells that can cause patchiness or unevenness in your tan lines.

Once you’ve finished showering or bathing, make sure your skin is entirely dry before applying the self-tanner.

Avoid Heavy Moisturizers and Oily Products

When getting ready for bed after a fresh spray or lotion-on tanning session, avoid using heavy moisturizers or oily products like body oils during nighttime skincare routines as they may remove the top layer of your newly acquired faux-bronzed look.

Keep it light instead by using hydrating lotions formulated specially for sensitive skin types. Always remember to gently apply cream over any rough patches around pressure points such as wristbands since these areas wear off faster than others due to friction against clothing fabric throughout the day.

Be Mindful of Clothing Choices

Choosing what clothes you’ll sleep in on freshly tanned skin can be tricky; but don’t worry – we got this one covered! The best option would be loose-fitting clothing made from breathable fabrics like cotton which won’t rub off too much pigmentation overnight so go ahead- opt-in those comfy PJ’s!

Avoid wearing tight clothing items such as jeans, leggings or socks since these can cause streaks and excess sweat buildup leading up to discoloration due to lack of air circulation. Also, avoid wearing white so you won’t have to worry about stain marks appearing on your bed sheet or clothing.

Get Comfortable and Avoid Friction

When sleeping with fake tan on, it’s essential to get comfortable and avoid friction. Sleeping on freshly tanned skin can cause unintentional rubbing causing smudging or patchiness in the morning. One way to prevent this is by investing in a high-quality satin pillowcase that will provide a smooth surface for your face and body while also helping prolong the longevity of your tan.

A good tip is to sleep facing up instead of sideways, ensuring no unnecessary contact between different areas of newly tanned skin. This allows time for the self-tanner formula (whether lotion or spray) to fully dry overnight without any unintended transfer as we move around during our sleep cycles.

The Bottom Line

Sleeping with fake tan can be challenging but following these tips can make it more manageable while still maintaining that perfect sun-kissed glow. Remember always carefully prep your skin before applying any self-tanning product; use light moisturizers at night, choose loose-fitting clothing made from breathable fabrics, invest in a quality satin pillowcase, and get as comfortable as possible while avoiding friction with other surfaces (e.g., bedding). With these steps followed correctly- voila! You’ll wake up looking radiant every morning without ever needing real sunlight again!