How to Achieve Effortless Sleep with Heat Curled Hair

Many people know the struggle of heat curling their hair, only to have it fall flat or lose its shape overnight. Sleeping with heat curled hair can be a challenge, but with the right techniques and products, you can wake up with beautiful, bouncy curls. Here are some tips for how to sleep with heat curled hair.

Prep Your Hair Before Heat Curling

Before you even think about sleeping on your freshly styled curls, make sure that you prep your hair properly before heat curling. Start by washing and conditioning your hair as normal. Then apply a heat protectant spray or serum to your damp locks before blow-drying them. This will help protect your strands from damage caused by hot styling tools such as curling irons.

Choose The Right Curling Iron

Choosing the right type of curling iron is essential if you want long-lasting curls that will last through the night. A ceramic or tourmaline wand is recommended as they distribute heat evenly throughout each section of your locks which produces consistent curls.

Let Your Curls Cool Completely

After removing the wand from each section of hair being curled allow it to cool completely in order for the cuticle (protective layer) of each strand set in place ensuring longer lasting hold in each style.

Use Hair Accessories To Keep Curls In Place Overnight

One way to keep those beautiful curls intact while sleeping is by using various accessories like scrunchies or large clips after applying hairspray generously over all sections . Make sure not too tightly secure any accessory because this may collapse those perfect ringlets into waves at best!

Sleep On Satin Pillowcase

Switch out cotton pillowcases for something more silky-smooth like satin! Not only do these fabrics feel luxurious against our skin during snooze time but also minimise frizz and prevent tangling.

Consider a Style Refresher

If you don’t want to go through the entire heat curling process again, consider using a dry shampoo or texturizing spray that can help refresh your curls. You can also try running your fingers through your curls gently to reshape them and bring back some volume before being able to see the light of day!

In conclusion, sleeping with heat curled hair is possible by following these tips for prepping, styling and sleeping. With proper care and attention, you can wake up with beautiful bouncy hair every morning!