Expert Tips for Comfortably Sleeping with Your Kitten Every Night

Are you a new cat owner who is struggling to get a good night’s rest with your new furry friend? Maybe you’re unsure of how to properly introduce them to your sleeping routine. In this blog post, we will go over tips and tricks on how to sleep soundly with your kitten by your side.

Establishing Boundaries

One of the most important things when it comes to sleeping with a kitten is establishing boundaries. Your feline friend needs to understand that they cannot disturb you while you are asleep. To do this, create a designated sleeping space for them in another room or area in your bedroom.

Choosing The Right Bed

Choosing the right bed for both yourself and your kitten can make all the difference. A comfortable mattress and soft bedding will allow both parties to sleep more peacefully. Provide your kitten with their own small bed and consider placing it near yours so they feel close but not too close.

Setting The Ground Rules

Do not let your kitten dictate where they should sleep or what time they wake up during the night as this can cause disruptions in both their schedule and yours. If necessary, use training techniques such as ignoring any meowing or scratching at night until they learn that nighttime is quiet time.

Creating A Calming Environment

Kittens respond well when there’s an environment that provides structure and comfortability. One way of creating one includes setting up dimmed lighting before bedtime because cats have sensitive eyesight during dark environments hence bright lights could be disturbing for them.

Preparing Quality Beddings

Kittens enjoy having cozy spaces hence providing quality bedding can help create an ideal environment for them which promotes better sleep habits.

Noiseless Environment

Noise has been proven over time to be an interrupter of sleep hence creating a noiseless environment can be helpful in promoting better sleeping habits for you and your kitten. Whether it’s something as small as the ticking clock, moving it away from your bedroom or investing in quality soundproof curtains, all these minor adjustments can make a difference.

Activities Before Bedtime

Kittens are active creatures that love playtime and bonding with their owners. However, before bedtime, create some quiet time activities such as reading a book or simply watching television without screaming or shouting.

Stick To A Routine

Cats respond well to routines; thus having one could help them establish good sleeping habits. Ensure feeding times are consistent throughout the day so they know when it is time for bed.


In conclusion, getting used to sleeping with kittens may take some patience but eventually leads to peaceful nights shared between both parties if done correctly beforehand. Setting boundaries, establishing calm environments through light quality bedding and controlling noises all contribute positively towards better sleep habits.