How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep with a Knee Brace

If you have recently undergone knee surgery or suffered an injury, your doctor may have recommended wearing a knee brace to aid in the healing process. While knee braces are essential for support and stability, it can be challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position with them on. In this blog post, we will share some tips on how to sleep with a knee brace.

Adjust Your Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position plays a crucial role in getting quality sleep while wearing a knee brace. It is best to avoid sleeping on your stomach as it puts unnecessary pressure on the injured leg and causes discomfort. Instead, try sleeping on your back or side.

Sleeping On Your Back

Sleeping on your back is the most recommended position when wearing a knee brace. To make yourself more comfortable, place pillows under your thighs and calves to elevate the legs slightly. This elevation reduces pressure around the joint area.

You can use another pillow behind your head or neck for extra support and comfort if needed.

Sleeping On Your Side

For those who prefer sleeping on their side, there are specific adjustments that you should make before settling in for the night:

– Place a pillow between both knees – This elevates one leg slightly which relieves pressure from the other.
– Add an additional pillow under your ankle – keeping it elevated helps promote good circulation
– Use arm support – You could also use an additional pillow between arms if they feel sore during rest

Choose The Right Knee Brace For Sleep

When choosing a brace that suits overnight wearability without causing any inconvenience during sleep time:

– Look into soft-shell braces made of lightweight materials like foam padding covered by soft fabric material.

These types of braces provide enough support without feeling bulky against sensitive skin areas such as shins or ankles plus won’t dig into these spots during night movements either!

Another option worth considering is a hinged knee brace. It provides the right amount of support and flexibility while preventing any unnecessary movement that could lead to further injury.

Invest in Comfortable Bedding

The bedding materials you use while sleeping with the knee brace also play an essential role in getting quality sleep. Here are some things to consider:

– Soft, breathable fabrics – Use breathable materials like cotton or bamboo for bed sheets as they provide maximum airflow
– Pillows – invest in pillows made from memory foam or latex as it can help contour your body shape more comfortably.
– Mattress Topper – Adding a mattress pad can take away pressure points at sensitive areas

Take Pain Medication Before Sleeping

In cases where there is significant pain due to the recent surgery, your doctor may prescribe medication which helps reduce discomfort during bedtime hours.

It would be best if you took it 30 minutes before resting time so that it takes effect when you settle down for sleep.


Sleeping with a knee brace can be challenging, but with these tips and adjustments, getting quality rest should not be a problem anymore! Adjusting your sleeping position, choosing the right brace type & material plus investing in comfortable bedding will make all difference . Remember always consults with medical professionals who guide aftercare protocols especially regarding medications intake schedules.