How to Achieve a Great Night’s Sleep with Microlink Extensions

Microlink extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your hair. But, having them can be quite challenging when it comes to sleeping. The last thing you want is waking up in the morning with tangled hair or broken links. In this article, we will share some tips on how you can sleep with microlink extensions without harming your hair.

Choose the right pillowcase

Choosing the right pillowcase is essential when it comes to sleeping with microlink extensions. Satin or silk pillowcases are best because they create less friction between your hair and the case, preventing breakage of links or tangling of strands. Unlike cotton pillows which tend to absorb moisture from your scalp and dry out your natural oils causing frizziness.

TIP: Try wrapping your head in a satin scarf before bed for added protection.

Braid Your Hair Before Sleeping

Braiding your hair before going to bed helps minimize tangling while protecting those fragile links from getting caught up in anything during the night’s rest. Make sure that each braid section contains an equal amount of extensions and natural hair for even distribution making it easier for you detangle later on.

TIP: Use scrunchies instead of elastics as they won’t cause any damage compared to regular ties that may pull at your locks.

Avoid Moisture Before Bedtime

Make sure that both natural and extended strands have dried thoroughly before laying down for slumber time because wet micro-links become weak therefore falling off more easily than usual due to their sensitivity; always make sure every strand has dried completely by using a low heat blow dryer after showering – this ensures no dampness remains giving bacteria-free surfaces all around!

TIP: Dry shampoo could be used as an alternative to reduce the amount of moisture on your scalp and hair.

Be Gentle When Detangling

When it comes to detangling, patience is key! Start at the bottom of each braid section with a wide-toothed comb while working your way up towards the roots. Be sure not to pull or yank through any knots as this could cause severe damage to both natural and micro-linked locks.

TIP: Use a leave-in conditioner spray before detangling for added protection and ease when removing tangles.


Sleeping with microlink extensions may seem daunting at first, but it’s not impossible! With these tips in mind, you can get some well-deserved shut-eye without worrying about harming those precious links. Remember always be gentle when detangling don’t forget proper drying techniques avoid moisture before bedtime use satin pillowcases or scarfs ,and lastly braiding your hair before sleeping will all help keep those microlinks looking good as new!.