Mastering Comfortable Sleep with Fresh Faux Locs: A Comprehensive Guide

As a fashion statement, faux locs have become increasingly popular. They are easy to maintain and allow for endless styling possibilities. However, the process of getting them installed can be time-consuming and somewhat uncomfortable, especially when it comes to sleeping with them.

In this blog post, we will provide you with some tips on how to sleep with new faux locs comfortably without damaging or ruining your style.

Start by Prepping Your Faux Locs

Before you go to bed, take some time to prepare your hair for a comfortable night’s rest. Start by gently brushing out any tangles or knots using a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush. Then use a light mist of water mixed with leave-in conditioner spray over your scalp and edges.

This step is essential as it helps keep your scalp moisturized throughout the night while also keeping frizz at bay.

Protect Your Faux Locs With A Silk Bonnet Or Pillowcase

Silk bonnets are an ideal tool for protecting both natural hair and faux locs from breakage while sleeping because they reduce friction compared to cotton pillows that tend to strip moisture from our hair leaving it dry and brittle in the morning.

To ensure maximum protection against breakage while catching up on those Zzzz’s; invest in a silk bonnet or pillowcase designed specifically for protective hairstyles like faux locs. It will help prevent tangling, matting or pulling apart of individual strands overnight leading up potentially ruinous mornings!

Silk Bonnets:

Silk Bonnets come in many different styles ranging from simple headbands wrapped around the forehead area all the way down towards neck level covering every inch of exposed hair making sure none is left unprotected during those long nights under covers.

Silk Pillowcases:

A silk pillowcase is another option if you prefer not wearing anything on your head while sleeping. It works in much the same way as a silk bonnet by reducing friction and retaining moisture, keeping your faux locs looking fresh when you wake up.

Avoid Sleeping With Wet Faux Locs

Never go to bed with wet or damp faux locs. This is because they are more susceptible to damage and breakage when they’re damp than when they’re fully dry.

If you’ve just washed your hair before bedtime, make sure it’s thoroughly dried using a blow dryer on low heat or air-drying for an extended period before sleeping.

It’s important to note that going outside with wet locks during winter may cause them to freeze leading up potentially ruinous moments!

Rock A Loose Bun Or Braid Your Faux Locs

Another great way of protecting faux loc hairstyles while sleeping is by styling them into loose buns or braids. These styles help keep the hair neat and tidy preventing any tangling caused by tossing and turning during sleep.

Loose buns can be easily achieved using bun makers found at any local beauty store; wrap your faux loc around it until desired tightness then secure it with pins surrounding base area resting assured none will come undone through out night!

Braiding, on the other hand, takes longer but provides excellent protection against breakage. You can either do one large braid running down the back of your head or two small ones running parallel along each side of your scalp.

In conclusion, getting new faux locs installed adds some spice to our look but requires care while we catch up with sleep routines that could prolong their durability making them last longer without wear-and-tear effects over time so remember our tips: prep well beforehand by moisturizing edges/scalp lightly spritzing water mixed leave-in conditioner spray; protect from friction via silk bonnets/pillowcases; avoid going outside with wet locks during winter, and style using loose buns or braids. Sweet dreams!