The Ultimate Guide on How to Sleep with Shoulder Length Hair

Sleeping with shoulder-length hair can be a challenge if you’re not used to it. Hair can get tangled, frizzy and uncomfortable overnight. But worry not! There are some easy tips and tricks that will help you sleep comfortably without damaging your locks.

Use protective styles

One of the best ways to protect your long hair during the night is by using protective styles like braids or buns. Braiding your hair into one or two loose French braids will keep it tangle-free while sleeping. Alternatively, you could also try knotting it up in a low bun at the nape of your neck.

Tie your hair loosely

Using tight elastics or clips on wet hair can cause breakage and create weird creases in the morning. To avoid this, tie your hair back with a loose scrunchie or silk bandana that won’t pull too hard on your strands.

Invest in silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases may seem luxurious but they’re also an excellent investment for those with longer locks as they don’t cause friction against the hair which leads to tangles and frizz. Additionally, silk absorbs less moisture than cotton so fewer oils from our skin are transferred onto our hair leading to less greasiness in between washes!

Add leave-in conditioner

Applying leave-in-conditioner before bed is another great way to keep shoulder length healthy and moisturized while sleeping! Leave-In conditioners remain on strands for extended periods throughout nighttime allowing them ample time for absorption before rinsing out come morning keeping stands glossy silky smooth!

Avoid sleeping with damp/wet Hair

Our hairs’ most vulnerable state is when wet – hence removing excess water via blowdrying towel drying after washing hairs crucially important but even more so when thinking about hitting hay early! Sleeping with damp/towel-dried hair can lead to weakened stands, frizz & tangled locks.

Wrap your hair in a scarf or bonnet.

Wrapping your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet before bed will help protect it from rubbing against the pillowcase and prevent loss of moisture due to evaporation. Not only does this method keep locks shiny and moisturized, but also helps increase overall longevity!

In conclusion, sleeping with shoulder-lengthhair dosn’t have to be stressful! By practicing these tips and tricks you’ll wake up looking fresh without any damage on your long lovely strands!