How to Achieve a Restful Night’s Sleep with Silk Pressed Hair

If you have recently had your hair silk pressed and you’re wondering how to sleep without ruining it, then this blog post is for you. We will be providing you with some tips on how to maintain your silky straight hair while sleeping.

Why Silk Pressed Hair Needs Special Care While Sleeping

Silk press is a technique used by hairstylists that involves using hot tools like flat irons to make natural hair silky and straight. The heat from the hot tool changes the structure of the hair’s proteins, making it easier to manipulate and style. However, while silk pressed hair looks great when done professionally, maintaining it can be quite tricky.

Sleeping with silk pressed hair requires extra care because any form of friction or tangling could cause curls or kinks in your styled locks. Also, if not properly maintained at night; sweat, moisture or any external factors such as cotton sheets/pillowcases can quickly ruin your hairstyle overnight.

How To Sleep With Silk Pressed Hair

Here are some helpful tips on how to sleep with a freshly-silk-pressed-hair:

Sleep With A Satin Bonnet Or Pillowcase

One of the most effective ways to protect against frizz and preserve smoothness is by sleeping on a satin pillowcase/bonnet instead of cotton ones that absorb oils from our skin/hair which ultimately leads to dryness/friction between strands leading up tangled/uneven looking hairstyle after waking up.
The slippery surface helps reduce friction between your head/skin/hair strands hence preventing snagging or breakage whilst keeping them sleek throughout those nighttime hours giving off salon-fresh vibes all day long!

Avoid Tight Headwear

To prevent flattening out parts of silk-pressed hair during sleep (especially around edges), avoid tight headwear like scarves/turban wraps since they create unnecessary pressure or tension on your hair. Instead, tie a loose scarf/bandana around the perimeter of your head to keep edges smoothed out without flattening them.

Wrap Your Hair

Wrapping silk-pressed hair in a silk/satin scarf at night is another way to protect it while you sleep. Start by combing out your hair gently and then apply some leave-in conditioner/oil before wrapping it up in sections using large bobby pins. Secure the wrapped-up hair with a silk or satin bonnet for extra protection.

Maintaining Silk Pressed Hair After Sleeping

After sleeping, there are specific steps that you must take to maintain the results of the silk press style:

Avoid Sweat/Moisture

Avoid going for cardio workouts when you have just had your hair done because sweat can undo all that styling effort overnight which might lead up again into frizz/kinks if not attended well right away!

Apply Heat Protectant Spray

Before using any heat tool (especially flat irons) after sleeping, always apply heat protectant spray/serum onto each section of your hair first since this will help reduce damage caused by high temperatures used during styling sessions.

In conclusion, maintaining a beautiful silky straight hairstyle requires careful attention even when we’re asleep! By following these tips mentioned above; including sleeping with satin pillowcases/bonnets/wraps and avoiding tight headwear; we can ensure our locks remain sleek throughout those nighttime hours giving off salon-fresh vibes all day long!