How to Sleep Comfortably with a Snoogle Pillow

If you’re pregnant, or have back pain, sleep apnea, or other sleeping problems and looking for a solution to get a restful night’s sleep, the Snoogle pillow is one of the best investments you can make. In this article, we’ll show you how to sleep with the Snoogle pillow.

How Does the Snoogle Pillow Work?

The Snoogle pillow is designed to provide support and comfort by cradling your body while you rest. It’s shaped like an oversized letter “C” that wraps around your body from head to toe. The top of the C supports your head and neck while aligning your spine; The middle part provides extra support for your back and belly; And finally, the bottom curve fits between your legs for added hip relief.

Step 1: Choose Your Sleeping Position

Before getting started on how to use a snoogle pillow properly, consider which position is most comfortable for sleeping in as it will be easier when using this type of body pillows:

Back Sleepers: Place the long part of the Snoogle behind your back so that it curves towards your belly button. Rest your head on top of its rounded section.
Side Sleepers: Put half of it under either side (right or left) shoulder depending on which way you want to lay down with both arm over it extending out straight away from each other.
Stomach Sleepers: Although stomach sleeping isn’t recommended during pregnancy if necessary place a smaller cushion under one side of torso – but try not doing this.

Step 2: Adjusting Your Snoogle Pillow Height

The height/loftiness depends primarily on user preference because different people may require varying heights based on their size or personal comfort requirements. If unsure about height adjustments ask someone else who has used these pillows before just as doctors recommend consulting specialists in such cases.

Step 3: Adjusting Your Snoogle Pillow Shape

Place the top curve under your head and neck. The middle section should wrap around your back and belly, then lift up one side so it supports your bump. Finally, bring the bottom part of the C-shaped pillow between your legs to ease any pressure on hips or lower back area.

Snoogle Pillow Tips & Tricks

There are many tips and tricks you can use with a Snoogle pillow to help make sleeping even more comfortable:

– Experiment with different heights until you find what works best for you.
– Use additional pillows like an extra cushion between knees if desired.
– Make sure to wash your cover regularly in order not only ensure cleanliness but also maintain its shape through regular maintenance cleaning routine such as washing every few days depending upon frequency of use.
– If partner feels left out consider using a U-shaped body pillow designed specifically for couples that could curve around both bodies while still keeping sufficient space for everyone’s comfort.


Sleeping with a Snoogle pillow is easy when following these simple steps! Whether trying new sleeping positions or wanting some extra support during pregnancy, this type of body pillows is designed to provide utmost comfort at night time allowing people who might have been struggling before finally get good rest they deserve. Remember that finding ways just right for individual needs can be challenging process – but well worth it once discovered because sweet dreams await anyone who perseveres through such challenges!