Tips for Sleeping with a Toddler in a Hotel Room

As a parent, traveling with young children can be challenging especially when it comes to sleeping arrangements. It’s not uncommon for parents to find themselves sharing a hotel room with their toddler and wondering how they will all get some much-needed rest. However, there are ways to ensure that both you and your toddler get a good night’s sleep even in a cramped space.

Prepare the Room

Before settling into the hotel room, take some time to child-proof the area. Move any hazardous items out of reach such as glassware or sharp objects and use furniture to block off areas where your toddler may wander off. Also, consider bringing along familiar items from home like sheets or blankets that smell like home which can help soothe your child during bedtime.

Invest in Portable Sleep Solutions

When traveling with toddlers, portable cribs or travel beds can come in handy. These lightweight options offer more comfort than just laying on floor mats or couch cushions but won’t take up too much space in the room either.

Another great option is inflatable beds designed specifically for toddlers which are easy to set up and provide enough support throughout the night.

Create A Familiar Bedtime Routine

When away from their usual environment, children often feel disoriented leading them to act out more frequently. But by creating a consistent bedtime routine regardless of location could make it easier for your little one fall asleep faster since they know what comes next every night before bed-time.

This might include activities such as reading stories together or singing lullabies before turning off lights so that everyone feels relaxed and rested after preparing well beforehand!

Set The Right Mood With Lighting And Sound Control

The lighting within hotels rooms isn’t always conducive for getting little ones ready for bed i.e., too bright on bulbs emitting blue light rays causing overstimulation instead of relaxation – so bring along small lamps or night lights with soft amber-colored bulbs that mimic natural light.

Alternatively, consider using blackout curtains to shield the room from external light which can help little ones fall asleep faster. You could also invest in white noise machines or apps playing calming sounds like ocean waves or rainfall ensuring your child falls into deep slumber without getting disrupted by any unexpected sounds.


Traveling with toddlers doesn’t have to be a nightmare when it comes time for bed. By implementing some of these strategies and tips we’ve outlined, you can ensure that both you and your toddler get the rest you need while away from home! Remember to pack portable sleep solutions like travel cribs, create a familiar bedtime routine regardless of location, and set the right mood with lighting and sound control. With these tools at your disposal, sleeping in a hotel room with your toddler should be smooth sailing!