How to Sleep Comfortably with a Tongue Piercing

When it comes to body piercings, there are many people who worry about the aftermath of getting one. One common concern is whether or not sleeping with a new piercing can be uncomfortable and even painful. This is especially true for those who have just gotten their tongue pierced.

If you’re someone who’s recently got their tongue pierced and are worried about how to sleep comfortably, don’t worry – we’ve got some tips that’ll help you out!

Choose the Right Pillow

Your pillow plays a huge role in determining your comfort level when you’re trying to sleep with a newly-pierced tongue. It’s recommended that you choose a pillow that isn’t too thick or firm as this could put pressure on your piercing. Instead, opt for something soft and pliable, such as a down pillow.


If possible, try sleeping propped up slightly on pillows so that your head is elevated above your heart; this will help reduce any swelling around the area.

Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach

Sleeping face-down isn’t advisable when trying to sleep with any kind of facial piercing – including a tongue piercing! By lying flat on your stomach and sticking out your tongue while asleep, it’ll rub against the beddings which can cause irritation and slow down healing time. Try sleeping on either side instead – whichever feels more comfortable for you.


If you find yourself turning over onto your stomach during the night without realizing it, consider investing in an anti-snore pillow designed specifically for back-sleepers; these usually come with raised edges around each side of the headrest which will keep you from rolling over at night.

Avoid Alcohol Before Bedtime

One thing most people don’t know is alcohol can actually increase inflammation levels within our bodies—especially when consumed before bedtime. This is particularly problematic for those with fresh tongue piercings as the added inflammation could slow down healing and cause discomfort.


Try to avoid consuming alcohol at least 3-4 hours before your scheduled bedtime — that should give your body enough time to process the alcohol, and reduce any potential side effects.

Rinse Your Mouth Before Bedtime

Finally, it’s important that you rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm salt water or a mouthwash before going to bed when you’ve got a new tongue piercing. Not only will this kill off any bacteria around the area but it’ll also help soothe any soreness or irritation in the mouth which may be causing discomfort.


If possible, try using an antiseptic solution such as chlorhexidine gluconate instead of normal saline – this is known for its excellent antibacterial properties and can significantly speed up recovery time.

In conclusion,

Getting a tongue piercing shouldn’t stop you from getting a good night’s sleep! By following these tips on how to sleep comfortably with a new piercing, you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable during nighttime. Remember: never hesitate to contact your piercer if there’s anything concerning about how well the healing process is progressing; they’re always happy to provide guidance along the way.