The Ultimate Guide to Sleeping with Wavy Hair at Night

As someone with wavy hair, getting a good night’s sleep without waking up to frizz and tangles can be a struggle. However, there are some tips and tricks you can use to help keep your waves intact while you snooze. In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about how to sleep with wavy hair at night.

Prep Your Hair

Before heading off to bed, it’s important to prep your hair for sleeping. Start by washing your hair before bedtime and applying a leave-in conditioner or curl-defining cream. This will help keep your waves defined and prevent them from becoming too frizzy during the night.

If you don’t have time for a full wash, consider using dry shampoo on any oily areas of your scalp before going to bed. This will help absorb excess oil that could weigh down your waves overnight.


One of the most important steps in prepping your hair is detangling it carefully with a wide-tooth comb or brush. Avoid using anything too harsh or small as it could damage delicate curls.

Start by dividing your hair into sections and gently working through each section starting from the ends upwards. Be sure not to tug too hard as this could cause breakage or frizz.

Choose The Right Pillowcase

Believe it or not, the type of pillowcase you use can have an impact on how well your waves hold up overnight. Cotton pillowcases tend to cause more friction which can lead to tangled strands in the morning.

Consider switching out cotton for silk or satin pillowcases instead as they create less friction against the hair shafts which helps keep curls smooth throughout the night

Tie It Up

Another way of preventing tangling is tying up long locks loosely but securely at back head; roots shouldn’t be pulled tight otherwise they can cause damage or breakage.

Pineapple Your Hair

If you have long hair, it’s worth considering a technique called ‘pineappling’. To do this, gently gather your hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head. Instead of pulling it all the way through, leave the ends loose and secure with an elastic band.

This creates a sort of pineapple-shaped bun on top of your head which helps keep waves intact while you sleep. It also prevents tangles from forming around the nape of your neck which can be difficult to detangle in the morning.

Use A Sleep Cap

If pineappling isn’t for you or if you’re worried about falling asleep with an elastic band in place, consider using a sleep cap instead. These caps come in various styles but are designed to be worn over your head like a shower cap.

They help protect curls by keeping them tucked away and prevent frizz caused by movement during sleep. You might also want to wrap some sections loosely inside so that they stay put through out night

Refine In The Morning

Even if you’ve taken every precaution possible to preserve your waves overnight, there’s still likely to be some degree of disturbance when sleeping – especially if you move around a lot in bed! That’s why it’s important to refine wavy strands before stepping out; use styling product specifically made for curly/wavy hair type such as curl definer cream/gel/mousse etc after spritzing water on dry stands

In conclusion, taking these steps will help ensure that waking up with bedhead is no longer something dreaded! Getting good-quality rest is vital for our well-being therefore ensuring our looks don’t go compromised should not be ignored either. By following these tips and tricks on how to sleep with wavy hair at night, we hope that achieving great hair days every day can become a reality!